WiFinder is a great app in the app store. It’s really quite useful, since I own an iPod Touch, to me. What it does is tells you the strength of the wifi around you. It showed me a stronger connection inside my own house, too bad it’s locked =].




The last two screen shots were from version two, and that isn’t in the app store yet. It is in the reviewing process for apple though(who knows how long that’ll be).

Pros and Cons
-You can select the wifi network you want to use
-It tells you what networks work, and which don’t
-Clean interface
-Automatic scanning
-Can’t add locked networks
-Doesnt check if locked networks work
-The automatic scan sometimes messes up somehow(it stops scanning, or pauses)
-The automatic scan doesn’t stay on you have to put it on every time you open the app.

7 out of ten stars



~ by Zym on September 8, 2008.

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