iPod Touch FW 2.1

[Summary] So far every change that I have seen in the 2.1 firmware is as followed:
Coverflow fix
Genius Playlists
Stability fixes
Accelorometer fix – some things wouldn’t turn for me when supposed to.
Much much faster backup-less than 30 seconds now.
Apps don’t crash often any more.
Quicker restart
Quicker downloading apps right onto iPod
Quicker syncing apps/putting them/syncing everything else much faster.
No more keyboard, contacts, or any lag whatsoever(I love that word =])
Overall better performance.

[Update 6] Here are some new screens I see:
Now it says the software is 2.1 respectively.
Now you can edit what sounds you hear:

Also I just downloaded an app onto the touch and it took 30 seconds, absolutely no exaggeration. Much much better. I am happy now =]

[Update 5]Now in the iPod menu there aren’t any ringtones, and it’s treated like an iPod. For me, but for a bunch of other people this isn’t true, my backups take the same time, my backups were pretty fast before this update, but I do only have 38 apps in all. For some reason at first I can’t find the genius playlist on the iPod. Everything a lot snappier. no more lag, no more slowness of application opening, or closing. Also something I noticed about the new iTunes is there’s a section for apps down at the bottom of the iPod window. I also just updated aurora feint, it was just as good as before, but I got an app update that wasn’t available in the US store, Jaadu lite.

[Update 4]Restarting =] anxious

[Update 3]Updating iPod firmware.

[Update 2]Verifying iPod Software.

[Update]Now I’m updating iPod Software

The iPod Touch 2.1 firmware also came out today at 12 p.m. central time. It supposedly contains many bug fixes, the genius bar, and overall quicker backups. Right now I just downloaded the update, just to make sure the download didn’t fail because of what happened with the 2.0 update. So right now I am in the preparing iPod for update stage, I’ll keep you updated. But for some reason everything comes up as an iPhone update, the download said iPhone, in the iPod menu it had a ringtones section and at the top of the updating iPod box it says iPhone… hmm.. interesting.



~ by Zym on September 9, 2008.

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