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GasHound, by Somba [2.99], is a great gas app for the iPhone or iPod Touch.

What it does is track where you are, either through location based services or you can type in where you are, and finds all the gas stations near you. It sorts the stations in order of cheapest to most expensive, and can even give you a map of where the gas station is.
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Also, you can choose from five different options of types of gas, regular, plus, premium, diesel, and E85.

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But, even though it helps you find cheap gas Somba’s goal is to help fund alternative fuel research. 5% of the profits they get from the Gashound will go toward clean energy research. So get buying so we can get a new fuel source =]. Also, in the future there are going to be some pretty cool updates, I’ll update this post when the updates comes out.

Pros and Cons
-The interface is easy to use
-Theres a map to see where the stations are
-You can map where you are to the gas station
-You can’t calculate mpg
-Doesn’t update a lot, sometimes prices are a day old

6 out of ten stars



~ by Zym on September 10, 2008.

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