Spore Origins

I did have to go out and get this app, I just had to with all that it was supposed to be. Spore™ Origins, $9.99, created by EA, is a game of eat, or be eaten.

If your not familiar with the mac, or pc version (like me) then you won’t even know that it’s not the full game. The object of the game is to evolve to the creature at the top of the food chain. at first you can only eat little worm things, but as the game goes on you can eat squid, things with beaks, spike things, and caterpillar type things(don’t you just love the names I give the things?). You move your lil’ guy with the accelerometer, meaning you tilt to move, there is a setting to set the standard for where the creature doesn’t move.
There are also different levels that you play on, I personally am on level 20, and I’ve had this since it came out(yes I know some people might call me a newb, yet some might call me God(I think of myself as God)). Onto the game!

So the gameplay is pretty easy to use. There are help screens on how to play if that’s really necessary. There are two types of gameplay, evolution, and survival. Evolution is the game that I will be explaining. But, survival is where your a standard creature that hasn’t evolved and you try to dodge little balls of fury, that’s what I call them, and try to eat food pellets. You try to fill up your DNA bar, and once filled, you go onto the next level. I’ll now explain evolution, a lot of more complicated than survival. In evolution, you start out as an un-evolved, I guess you’d call it uh isopod maybe, I don’t, but that doesn’t matter.

You beat the first level and then your able to make how long and wide it is with a simple flick, or pinch. Also, you’re able to change the primary and secondary color, and the design on your creature. Then you beat a couple of levels, and then you can evolve. Now there are a few choices to evolve with: you can evolve your offense, defense, speed, or sight. 


Overall to me this game is a ten outta ten. It’s so fun and addicting.

Pros and Cons
-Great graphics
-Very well dveloped, good menus etc
-Great gameplay, not too easy not too hard.
-You can create a wide variety of different looking creatures
-You can play survival or evolution
-Its not the full game
-Its not 3D graphics

Overall 9.8 out of 10



~ by Zym on September 11, 2008.

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  1. You can also check out sporeipod.com to see the Spore Origins creature catalog.

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