DataCase is a great data transfer app. In the app store it is currently $6.99. It’s got a better interface than Air sharing, and MobileFinder combined! First of all you can connect through Bonjour, but personally I like how whenever you open the app and look in your finder, it shows up! Then you just join as a guest, and click on the volume you want to edit. Speaking of volumes, you can add them, hide them, be asked whether or not to allow a computer to connect to that volume, or whether not it’s readable, writable or both; Oh yeah and it’s name =]. Also for everyone who doesn’t know what a volume is, it’s like folders…Also, I’m not sure what browsable is, but I’ll contact the developers and get back to you.

You can connect through http, ftp, or afp:

Overall it’s great, if you want to view some files look at air sharing, because it looks the exact same. The only things different are what I listed. Also, it does support landscape mode. No copy and paste or editing and creating text documents like mobilefinder though =[.


Pros and Cons


-Views files

-Landscape view




-Best interface yet


-No Copy and paste

-No creation of text documents, or editing them

-No editing iWork/Microsoft Work documents =[ I want that really bad, no one has it yet though


Over all 7.8 out of ten




~ by Zym on September 19, 2008.

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  1. Nice review.

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