Expando is fun little game where your objective is to fill the screen with 2/3 smiley faces. But(always a but), there are these little red balls that want to stop you. Any way onto the gameplay.
To make a smiley face you tap the screen. If you hold down, the smiley face grows, but while they’re growing if a red ball touches them you lose a life. The number of red balls you have depends on what level your on and what skill level your playing on. Also the number of lives depends on the skill level your playing on. So, when you make some balls the fall with gravity, depending where your ipod or iPhone is facing. So that’s the game. For only 1.99, it’s a pretty good deal
Pros and Cons
-Well developed, no bugs
-Comes with it’s own music, techno =]
-Fun and addicting
-Never gets old or boring
-No local highscores

Overall a 9.5 Out of ten
Great game, out of my top ten games.



~ by Zym on September 21, 2008.

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