[Update] I get to beta test a new version with supposed syncing =]. I’ll report back with comments.

iProcrastinate for iPhone.

iProcrastinate for iPhone.

iProcrastinate [App Store], developed by Craig Otis is a great task manager. It has the best interface of any task manager I’ve used. A new update is about to come out that will include flags on the app icon to let you know how many tasks are currently going to be due. Also, the update will add email support, which is a great feature to have!

Main Screen and Options.

Main Screen and Options.

Adding new tasks to iProcrastinate.

Adding new tasks to iProcrastinate.

Adding Smart Groups.

Adding Smart Groups.

Some great features, as shown, are that you can create steps for a task, add members to a task, or add smart groups. A smart group is a group that automatically detects which tasks are due for a certain amount of time, due tomorrow, today, next week, etc.

Great organizer (It’s certainly organizing me!), and being FREE, I can hardly complain about it’s features. The feature-set is awesome – and it looks quite good too!

App Store: iProcrastinate
Pros and Cons[New]
-Its free
-Its a more than decent task manager
-You can eMail the task lists.
-Overall a must have free app
-No syncing(not yet)
-It lags a little sometimes
-It crashes more often than other apps
-It doesn’t save where you are when you exit, when it loads it always loads to the same screen

71/2 out of 10 stars



~ by Zym on September 23, 2008.

3 Responses to “iProcrastinate”

  1. I’ve tried iProcrastinate, and do appreciate it’s marvelous interface. However, given the iffy nature of the iPhone’s ability to KEEP data, coupled with unreliable-for-data-concerns iTunes syncs, I refuse to use any data-intensive app which lacks its own sync component. Even email export is off base with me, as I have no intention of spending time to move data back from my email to the iPhone. It’s a shame, as I would have loved this app otherwise.

  2. I want syncing so bad for iprocrastinate mobile and desktop that it hurts. 😦 I made my donation though, and everyone else should to.

  3. iprocrastnate is a great tool which can be helpful for those trying to raise their pesonal efficiency.
    I have made shot lis of best mac productivity apps:

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