Shaky Summit -IUGO’s Newest Release

Shaky Summit, 4.99, is a great 3D game. It’s graphics are of the best.


So there is 2 player within one device, I haven’t tried this yet, but it probably works. So in the game theres 4 characters. Three are automatically unlocked, and the other you have to unlock. So throughout the game you try to get to the top of the hill as quickly as possible, trying to beat your opponent. You shake to put rocks and such in the way of your opponent, or you can tap the screen.

Yes the objective seems dumb, but it is really fun and invigorating. Heres me winning and me picking my person:



Also, theres like 30 levels in all, but they get harder and harder.

Pros and Cons

-Great idea of a game
-Great Graphics
-Kind of dry(what you have to do)
Overall it’s a 7 out of ten



~ by Zym on September 25, 2008.

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