Virus, 99 cents for now is game where what you try and do is fill the screen with white blood cells to fight off the virus the body has at the moment, hence the name virus. You create the white blood cells by touching and holding your finger to the screen, the longer you hold it, the bigger it gets. Then if while growing a virus touches your white blood cell it dies. You have three total lives, and each level adds another virus. Also the whiteblood cells use the accelerometer to use gravity to trap virus cells in the corners. Sounds like another game you might say, expando. Well it’s pretty much the same thing, the only difference is that this has much better graphics, and I like the UI more.
Pros and Cons
Uses tilt and touch
Never gets old
Good graphics
Cool story line(your fighting off viruses, you can finally give a rhinovirus it’s final match!)
Alike expando
No difficulty selector

Overall a 3.5 outa 5, yeah I changed to rating in 5 star format.

Some screenshots:


~ by Zym on October 7, 2008.

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