Surface to Air Mayhem


Surface to Air Mayhem, 2.99(icon above with itunes link), is a pretty cool turret shooting game. The objective is to keep the missiles from destroying your little houses, or whatever you feel like calling them. Airplanes fly over you, in the sky, and they drop missiles. You shoot the missiles and the planes by tapping where you want to shoot. But don’t forget that you have to time where you shoot so that they actually hit the missiles and not just blow up in the middle of no where =]. Screenshots:


It’s a classic game that’s cheaper than Missile Command, 4.99. But, it’s way better than Interceptor, 99 cents. Also, there’s global high-scores, very cool. And I like how every message says yes sir, or no sir. =] Screenshots:


Pro’s and Con’s


Great Graphics

Cheaper than missile command



No local high-scores

Sometimes I get stuck on the loading screen forever




~ by Zym on October 11, 2008.

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