Hooked:Pocket Fishing, 99 cents at the moment in the app store, is a pretty decent app. As the title says, you go fishing. I like how to cast you have to actually go through the motion of casting, back and then forth. First you tap and hold on the reel, then you cast, as simple as that.


Although I think it’s too often that you actually catch a fish, it’s loads of fun. There are 3 different lakes to choose from,


many different lures to choose from,


two different drop shot techniques,


you can choose the time of day, and there’s a couple of different combinations of rods and reels you can have.


To get to all of that you tap on the tackle box, the live well is where you put all your fish you want to keep to show your friends what you caught. Here’s what I’ve caught: 


Not bad eh? Well anyway, there is also a trophy box that you can access on the home page, oh yeah and the home button brings you to the home page. 

The fishermans guide is what tells you what fish are in what lake, what baits and set ups certain fish like, and what gear catches what fish.


Also, here’s my trophy room:


In options you can turn on and off the sound, although you can still play music with it on, and you can have it vibrate, iPhone only.


And then there’s instructions for anything I haven’t explained.


But, I must warn you, there are some bugs, and the developer does know this, and will fix them. A couple are, lag when loading different screens, the strain on the line meter missing when fishing, lag when reeling, and crashing for no apparent reason. Also, the developers, Ben and Ryan, are going to add more features, also I’m going to post their story on getting into developing later.

Pros and Cons


You get to fish!

Actual casting, and setting the hook motions!

A variety of set ups!

A variety of fish!

Overall very fun and relaxing


Some bugs that are needed to be fixed

Not the most fish

No ocean fishing

Lags a bit sometimes



~ by Zym on October 18, 2008.

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