Guitarist Update Coming

So, there I was browsing some posts on mac rumors forums,, and I saw that moocowmusic(the creator of Guitarist) made a post telling about an update that’s coming, and a youtube video link on the update, it looks pretty nice:

Guitarist – Huge new update – Demo video
A huge new update for Guitarist is about to drop in the App Store.
Changes are:-

Bend notes by dragging individual strings just like a real guitar
– Bend by a whole or semi tone.
– Perform double stop bends.
– Bend one note of a chord.
– Create a vibrato effect by rapidly bending and unbending the string.
– See the strings visibly move as you drag them up and down.
– Record all bends into a song, save it for posterity and later play it back exactly as you played it.

A Whammy Bar playable using the accelerometer
– Tilt the iPhone to the left to bend all playing notes down, and to the right to bend up.
– Create a dive bomb effect.
– Perform crazy pitch effects while playing.
– Record all whammy bar actions into your song and play them back later.

A Wah-Wah effect playable using the accelerometer
– Tilt the iPhone back and forward just like tilting the Wah-Wah pedal.
– Add increadible expression to your solos.
– Record all wah-wah actions into your song and play them back later.

Define the number of visible frets
– Due to a common user-request for either more or sometime less frets, you can now select the number of frets to display from three (allowing you to more easily play with the iPhone cradled in your left hand just like a guitar neck) to ten (allowing you to play more complex songs without having to traverse up and down the fretboard so much).

A new icon
– Again, a number of people complained about the old icon. I wanted to hold back on changing it (which required a complete update) until I had finished some of the cool features I’ve been working on. Hope this one is more appealing.

Those of you who already purchased Guitarist will get the update for free. Those who haven’t made up their minds over whether to purchase Guitarist should take a look at the YouTube demo video below (and keep watching as I saved the best till last).

Guitarist direct iTunes link.

More information on Guitarist as well as our other applications (Band and Pianist) here:-






~ by Zym on October 25, 2008.

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