IUGO Upcomming 2

TBD2 is almost here, and now a mini game that has to do with zombies, here’s the email I got:

October- Shaky Summit Reviews, The Coming of TBD2 and A Secret Revealed!

Shaky Summit

IUGO’S first 3D iPhone game rolled onto the App Store 3 weeks ago. Users and Reviewers alike love this casual title!

Touch Gaming conducted a great in-depth video review of Summit and seemed to really love the unique gameplay!

Pocket Gamer awarded Shaky Summit a silver medal touting, “Shaky Summit really does well in what it offers. The simplicity of its gameplay makes it ideal for portable play and its wealth of content ensures a great value.”

J.A.M.M. was instantly hooked on Summit and exclaimed, “I highly recommend this to every gamer looking for what the iPhone can really offer as a gaming system, and I’d love to see IUGO’s newest offering atop the App Store’s Top 25 summit.”

It’s Coming…TBD2

One of iPhone’s highly acclaimed gaming classics, Toy Bot Diaries, is about to have some company; Toy Bot Diaries Entry 2! Yes, the wait is almost over. IUGO is applying the final layer of polish to Toy Bot’s shiny exterior in preparation of his latest adventure. Entry 2 will see Toy Bot carry off where he left; venturing out of his gumball machine world into bigger and better challenges! More great puzzles with loads of new content and a few surprises are sure to please all of Toy Bot’s loyal fans. We’ll be sure to keep you up-to-date on TBD2’s status on the App Store.

Zombie Attack!

Yeah, that’s right. IUGO has taken on the Zombies. We’ve been secretly building a sweet little game that’s sure to be easy on the eyes and the wallet! We can’t give you too much info but let us ask you this; Who loves tower defense games? If you screamed YES, then this game is perfect for you! ZA! will be arriving soon onto the App Store.




~ by Zym on October 25, 2008.

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