1026 Developement

1026 Developemant today is having a massive sale where all there games are free today, and today only. They’re doing this because today is 10/26, national their developemant day. Here are what I think of some of their games:


It’s pretty fun, it’s a yahtsee game( I think there’s a spelling error there ). It does everything for the game. It’s kind of plain tough; the dice should move, have some animation but they don’t, shake to roll would be nice, also suggested things to pick would be nice.

Free for today
No animation or flash

Overall it’s a 3 out of five for a paid app, but for free it’s 4 out of 5.


It’s fun and addicting. You have to have the numbers that you tap add up to the appointed number, but you also have to end up on a certain number. Much better graphics than iDice; much funner.

Multiple Levels
Starts east but then gets hard
Better Graphics
Simple and great
Not too big of a download
Not a lot of levels
Not very much sound, music would be nice
Once again more animation needed
A timer with highscores would make it more exciting

Light Show

A nice classic game. You put little colored pegs into 200 some slots to make pictures. Nice for if your board an just want a nice little thing to do.

A lot of different choices of pictures to make
Nice simple light and to the point
You can’t drag your fingers to put in the colors, you have to do it individually

Overall 4 out of 5

I’m going to keep sumcession and light show on my iPod, and iDice in my iTunes library in case 1026 updates it.

Made with light show, will rotate when I get on my computer, I’m on my iPod right now



~ by Zym on October 26, 2008.

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  1. rotated the image already 🙂 hehe

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