Pathways, 1.99(yeah that’s it!), is made by Conniption Entertainment; which is the company of an upcoming game, tomorrow, which is called Zombie Invasion; here’s the press release:

Conniption Entertainment to release Zombie Invasion for iPhone on Halloween
SAN DIEGO, CALIF., October 24, 2008 – Conniption Entertainment announces a new action packed shooter game, Zombie Invasion, to be released on Halloween.


A quaint small town is about to be invaded by zombies – YOU must defend the townsfolk before it’s too late!

Some Game Highlights
The game situates the player on the bottom of the screen, with an arsenal of weapons to pick off zombies before they make it to the town to devour anyone and everyone in their path.

“Game play was extremely important to us when designing this game; it’s not just another one of those ‘tap the screen until your finger falls off’ shooters,” said Paul Seltmann, CTO of Conniption Entertainment

The graphics are rich, with 3D rendered zombies that look absolutely amazing during game play. The graphics are a very different style from our last game release, Pathways.

The sound is original and professionally written, just like in Pathways.

The release date is Halloween (10/31/08).

The release price is $0.99.

Please contact Michael Seltmann with any questions, interview requests, or comments.

Media Kit
Media kit including teaser photo can be found at:

About Conniption Entertainment
Conniption Entertainment, located in San Diego, California, is devoted to creating games that include outstanding game play, unique innovative design, and dazzling graphics. As a gaming company we bring fun, engaging, and polished games to consumers and provide the market with worthwhile gaming. High-quality entertainment and service will always be a priority at Conniption Entertainment as we continue to bring you new and exciting games. Conniption Entertainment is a division of Seltmann Systems LLC.

So anyway, onto Pathways, it’s a great puzzle game where there’s a neat little story and your trying to rescue Eddie. To get there, Tommie, the main character, has to go through many different puzzles. To complete these levels you have to make all the platforms disappear and get to the door at the end of the level. Now, I have a cheat code to it, but I can;t let you know it, so I have had the ability to play any level I want without beating them all. So, onto the gameplay! So what you do is tap to the left, right, above or below to go right left up or down, respectively. So if the platform has no number on it, you go onto it once and it disappears, if it has 2 then twice and it disappears, 3 and 3 times until it disappears, and 4 and 4 times until it disappears; here on level 74, there’s a little of everything, can you figure out how to do it? =]

I did =]

Oh yeah and if the block has an arrow it slides the way the arrow is pointing as much as i can until it hits a block once you step on it.


Total classic puzzle game

A lot, I mean a lot of levels


Story line

There’s a cheat code!

Really Quite Fun

Awesome music!


Sometimes when you tap to the left or right it keeps going down(this has only happened once)

Not the greatest graphics

Some of the levels take a while, but are easy and straight-forward

A definite buy, so go buy it!



~ by Zym on October 30, 2008.

4 Responses to “Pathways”

  1. Hey Zim,
    Did you beat level 16 or use the cheat code? How do you get that last tile?

  2. you should also check out Pathways on !!

  3. hh. 10x

  4. Hi, what does “hh.10x” mean ? Thanks

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