SciFly: DogFight

[Update] I just recirved an update from the developer. It now doesn’t crash, the icon is way better, I’ll put a pic on the bottom of the post, and you can upgrade your aircrafts. It’s much nicer.

Photobucket SciFly: DogFight is a flying game with an objective! Unlike X-Plane 9(still a pretty good game) you actually try and do something. What you try to do is, all at once, try to avoid getting shot at, try to avoid flying into walls and try to shoot down your opponents. It really is a blast playing, I really get into it. There’s now an option to either roll with buttons or roll by tilting, I like the buttons more at times where I can’t have too much space =]. So some main points to the game, you can unlock things; so after you get done doggin’ it out in a round you get a certain amount of credits; you get the amount of points in that round and the some random number(it seems to me) times(multiply) the experience level you’re playing at(we’ll get to that later). So after you get these points you can go to the unlock menu and pick out what you want to unlock, each planet is 100 points, and each different aircraft is 45. Also, in 1.2 there will be global highscores for points and points per round. (BTW I currently have the highest scores, please don’t beat me =])
So onto the game play: To play, in this version you can either use the tilt to turn left and right and then touch to roll left and right, or you can make it so everything is tilt; as shown in the option screen as roll centric controls. (invert pitch is where if you tilt down it goes up; and sensitivity is how sensitive the tilting is.) So when you start playing(tap play) it takes you to a screen where you pick the type of game you want to play, either time attack or point match. Time Attack:
You have 1 minute to kill as many as possible. After you kill someone you get two points and then more time. Point Match:
You try to get a certain amount of points in a certain amount of time, more than a minute; I’m not too sure how long.
And then you go to a screen where you pick the world, and the experience level.
Worlds: Acheron: a fire world(my favorite)
Barren: Ice-Planet
Utopia: a rich water, life-filled world
Experience Levels: Recruit: Super easy to me now, although seemed hard when I first started+
Experienced: This is what I play at, the opponents actually shoot you aggressively, but it’s still not too hard.(I play on this level)
Ace: You have to be pretty good to do this, if there was such thing as negative points I’d get them here; I die real quick in this level.

And then it takes you to the ship picking. You tilt to go to the ship you want and then you tap the ship’s name
Ships: Viper: It has a machine gun weapon
Avenger: It has heat seeking missiles
Phoenix: It has a constant laser
Gladiator: Has short range powerful missiles
I’ve gotten my highest score while with avenger but I enjoy using every ship, except Phoenix, I just don’t like it.

And then you go to playing. When you play you can only shoot some many missiles, or what ever your weapon is for a certain amount of time. This is dictated by the green bar in the top right corner. You can roll left or right by tapping the left or right buttons, respectively. And then the forward arrow is a speed boost, which you can only do for so long, shown in the purple bar in the top left corner. And finally, the star shoots. When using the avenger when a target has been locked on a second circle goes around it, blue circle. In general the 1st circle shows the life of that person, yellow highest, red lowest. Also, one bar I haven’t explained, the bar in the top right corner is your health.


There will be another aircraft, torch which will have a flame thrower. Picture:
Also all aircrafts will have 2 upgrade levels. And best of all, he will try to fix all the crashes possible.

Pros and Cons
-Super Fun
-My Fav Game!
-Flying fighting game
-3D, great graphics
-Crashes a little bit


Here’s my highscore:


~ by Zym on November 4, 2008.

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