Appigo’s ToDo

[Update] I had recieved some more beta builds, and they added some bug fixes. Now 1.4 is in the app store! So go get it now =]

[Update] I have received a couple beta builds recently, 1.3.1, 1.3.2, 1.3.3, 1.3.4, and 1.3.5. There are a lot of new features; some are searching, a new type of task that has a map point in it, the ability to create and sort by contexts given to each task, sort and give tasks tags, when it syncs it now has a little transparent thing come up from the bottom to let you know what is going on, better filtering options, a focus group that allows you to view by when it’s due, or when it was made, and now, this made my day because I had it in iProcrastinate, the ability to choose how long the icon badge shows for, so like it shows for everything due today, tomorrow, and overdue(my preferences). It’s a really great update that’s coming, so keep your eyes open.

[Update] I have just recieved the beta build of this app, 1.2.1, and in that it supports german, and japanese translation. Also a lot of bugs other people have been having are fixed.

Apppigo’s ToDo, AppStore, is a great, just perfectly awesome todo manager. I did in the past an iProcrastinate review, but this ToDo manager is a little better. Although ToDo is $9.99, it is well worth your spent money. Let’s get into the meat of the app. First off, here are the sections of todos you can have.
I like this because it is very clean, not too fancy, but not too simple. I like how it shows you how many tasks are where. Now let’s go into the inbox.
This looks really quite great to me. It organizes the tasks by due date. I have this as the page I always open to. Now in the top left hand corner there are two buttons. One is the add task button, but the other is the quick add task button, and unlike iProcrastinate you can choose whether you want to quick add, or do a full add.
Also unlike iProcrastinate, you set the settings to what the quick add does. Currently I have it adding on medium priority, adding to the school section, and having the due date be for tomorrow.
This is really quite useful, whenever I get an idea of something to do, I just quick add it.
Now to the settings.
In the settings menu you can have it show a flag of the tasks you have on the icon, you can edit how long you want to keep completed tasks, you can select the categories you want to have, and you can select the quick add options. Now onto synchronization.
So something big that this app has is synchronization. You can synchronize this app to Yes you have to create an account but it takes like 31 seconds, all you need is an email, and a desired password. Then you set it up on the iPod or iPhone, and then you can create something on the site, and then it shows up on the app, you do have to push the synchronization button, but you can put a setting in where it checks every time you open the app, I have that on and it works really well.

This app overall is really great. It’s my most used utility, and hopefully yours. Get it while you can before apple goes Kamikaze on us and takes it out.

Pros and cons
-Easy to use
-Quick add
-Email todos
-Syncing to toodledo
-No desktop application
-No smart groups, or members or steps

Overall 9.5 out of 10



~ by Zym on November 8, 2008.

9 Responses to “Appigo’s ToDo”

  1. sweet review.

  2. Hello,

    Off topic: I’m using Depo Masthead theme.The 3 columns does not come out. Instead I have one long column. Is there a setting that i missed?

  3. Hello to all,

    it all looks great except for the fact that after upgreading, the language turned into Japanese… which I’m not too fluent with 😉

    Does any one have an idea on how I could fix this?

    Many thanks in advance



  4. HI again,

    I’ve found a way to fix it and want to share it with you in case anybody else faces the same difficulty.

    Just go into your general setting, then international, and validate your language again.
    This fix worked for me.


  5. Can you say if they’ve added the full text view (multiline text) in list view and edit view ?
    I (and many of other users) are waiting for this feature … and hoping to see that soon.

  6. Nope sorry


  7. It would be awesome if they could make the “Lists” view show a red oval (instead of grey) if there was something overdue in that List/category.

  8. My burning questions: Can you search across all lists and tasks by tags, or are they only available as filters for the current view? My organizational system is very tag-dependent. If searching by tag, do you have to input them manually or can you pick from a list?

  9. alyvpsvxkvcyvchbwell, hi admin adn people nice forum indeed. how’s life? hope it’s introduce branch 😉

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