Zombie Invasion

Zombie Invasion, 99 cents, is a type of shoot’em up game. What you do is go ahead and and tap to shoot the zombies. There are some extra guns that you can pick up, a better pistol, a rifle, etc., but sometimes it still gets boring. It only gets boring when your on like the 15th day. Oh yeah I forgot to mention that after you kill a certain amount of zombies you go to the next day. After you advance to the next day, it gets harder; until it’s impossible =].There are two types of zombies, one is one that walks normally and the other runs at you. The normal zombies take three shots with the pistol(regular-the one you get automatically) and the running ones only take two. The storyline is pretty decent:

Zombies started to attack your town. You have to save your town by killing all of them off. Go kill some zombie brain!

Ok, well that’s the basics of the story, I may have jazzed it up a bit =]. Well, anyway there are also high scores. But not locally on the device =[. Some things to mention are that if you get interupped in the middle of a game, you lose it; so you could be on like the 50th day, get a phone call, and lose all your work(in an update conniption entertainment will fix this). But, there is a pause button=]. Since this is coming from conniption, there’s some great music(like in pathways). I don’t need to put on my own music on, because it’s that good.

Pros and Cons


Endless fun

Never really gets old; it does get boring, but I still wanna play it later.

a shooting game =]


Doesn’t save when you exit

Sometimes gets pretty ominous

Only two types of zombies


Some screenshots-




~ by Zym on November 8, 2008.

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