The Apper

Apper, 99 cents, by the owner of the site, is an app that has a couple of what he thought were the best app reviewing sites. My site, Zym Blog is included in this list. Although at the moment the app is a little dry, all there is, is the title of a site, then when you go into it it shows like the last five posts. There’s a resync button for just the one site your looking at or all the posts. When you tap on a post in opens the post in safari, so it’s not really too integrated. I’ve contacted the developer on the app, but I think he’s going to integrate the posts. Also, Arron, the creator of RazorianFly created the icon. I don’t think the icon is the best it could be so I created my own version and asked the developer if he wanted that as the icon, Ill add the icon at the bottom of the post.

You get some nice sites including ours:)
A nice clean interface, nothing fancy.
2.0 is going to make the app much better
Posts aren’t integrated
Can’t add your own sites

Overall I say 4.5 out of 5

I say you should all go get it. I get none of the fund, but I use it for the other sites.



~ by Zym on November 16, 2008.

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