Zombie Attack

Zombie Attack

Zombie Attack, the much-anticipated game that was previewed a couple of posts is here. For only 99 cents you get a somewhat of a tower defense game. You are a man who is building different towers to kill the zombies, keeping them from attacking the house in the top right corner. You move the man with the accelerometer, and there is a setting that sets the relative tilt angle. Overall it is a pretty fun game. It takes the idea of fieldrunners where you build your own pathway, which I like better than having a dictated pathway. When the circle under the man is green, which means you can build something there, when it’s red you can’t, and when it’s yellow you can upgrade a tower. There are 4 types of towers, all which can be upgraded, gun, fire, axe and cannon. The green bars tell you how much health things have. Another added difficulty is that the builder can die. But, after a little bit he re spawns, just hope the zombies don’t destroy the house by then =].

-Pros and Cons


Tower Defense Game

Build your own pathway

4 upgradeable towers

Accelerometer use of movement


Sometimes hard to control the guy

Other wise it’s pretty good. Overall it’s 3.9 out of 5. I just like fieldrunners graphics better.









~ by Zym on November 26, 2008.

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