Flick Fishing

Flick Fishing is a great fishing game. For only 99 cents(right now) you can get a fishing game that has some of the most realistic qualities of actually fishing. When you open up the app, there’s 3 options, photo album, help and options or new game. The photo album shows you your trophys achievements and biggest fish of each species. The help and options allows you to change different settings, and new game allows you to either go fishing for fun, go into a tounament to catch the most weight, or go into a tournament to catch the biggest fish. You then pick what lake you want to fish at. Each lake has a target fish, and a difficulty level rating from no stars to five. To me, the harder levels just take more patience to catch a fish. After you pick a lake you choose who you want to go against, another human(I love this feature) the computer, or against someone on your network. Once you start playing you cast by flicking your iPhone, just as in any other fishing game, but you don’t have to touch anything. After that, you reel clockwise on the reel to pull the lure in, it tells you your distance of the line out at the top. You can move your iPhone, and the rod acts as a real rod would. Once you got a fish, it makes a noise, and you have to either start reeling to hook it(in case you’re in a crowd=]) or you could do the actual action of hooking a fish. Once the fish is on, you have to watch the line tension when you reel it in. If it gets too high, the line will snap, too low, and the fish will escape. The bar underneath that tells you the fish’s strength. Once you get it in you tap throw back and go back to fishing. Before you cast, you can choose the lure you want by tapping the little tackle box tab in the bottom right of the screen. Also, at anytime you can tap pause, and it pauses the game. If you get a phone call or a must read text/email, you can leave the game and then resume it later. The next time you open the app there will be an option to resume game under the new game option.A quick tip, I always cast out and then reel a little bit, if I hook a fish, then I reel it in, if I don’t in the first couple seconds I recast. Also, another way to tell if a fish is on is if you’re reel starts reeling backwards or you’re bobber goes down into the water. The backgrounds of the lakes are very cool, there’s a stormy one, a river, a lake, the ocean, and a dock type one.

Pros and Cons

Very realistic
Quite fun
Great quality
Uses accelerometer
I love the photo album, it’s like local highscores

It takes up a lot of RAM, so I ussually end up having to restart after playing for like a half hour to an hour.

Overall 4.5 out of 5




~ by Zym on November 27, 2008.

2 Responses to “Flick Fishing”

  1. Well said… Great information, keep up the great work!

  2. use these 3 fishing tips too.1. Fish face upstream. If you are behind them, you can catch them directly in front of you.2. If you can see to the bottom of the creek, they can see you! Approaching a creek or stream from the bank often spooks fish.3. It is much easier to cast to a pocket, pool or small riffle from the center of a stream and maintain a slow retrieve. Best of all you are in an ideal position to cast effectively towards either bank.

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