Update: Theres now a lite version. Also, recently Ive gotten very addicted to the game 🙂 You should too!

[Update] So I figured out what puzzle mode was, it’s not locked or anything, you just can’t play it from the help page. So it’s a series of levels where you have to complete them with no blocks left; It make the game even better =]

Geomex, 6.99(yes a little steep but…), is a really addicting game. So, lets get on to the game…

So here’s the main menu. There’s arcade mode,

That’s how you play. I kinda don’t know how to play, but I know you slide your fingers over the blocks that you want to take out. It’s really fun. Clear mode is just the same just the time runs out faster I’m pretty sure and chain mode is when you have to use the colors that are outlined in yellow first to be able to take out blocks,

And puzzle mode I haven’t unlocked, so I can’t review it =].

It’s really really addicting and fun. It’s just like Trism(R).

So heres the Pro’s and Con’s


-Addicting and Fun

-Great gameplay

-Good interface

-If you quit in the middle o a game the game is paused until you come back

-Local Highscores =]


-Instructions aren’t the best

-I don’t know how to unlock puzzle mode

-A little steep in price

Overall it’s an 8.75 outa 10=]



~ by Zym on December 4, 2008.

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