Zombie Mansion

Zombie Mansion, not in the app store yet, is a first person shooter that is pretty intense. The objective of the game is to escape the mansion you are in. There are 3 levels that I have gotten to, hell, the ground floor, and the basement. There are millions of doors, and tons of different pathways to go through. For some doors, you have to find keys, and others won’t even open. There are secret places where you find secret things. Some things you can find are health, health upgrade, and weapon upgrade. You shoot with this little wand thing, and walk with the little virtual d-pad. Then, to shuffle left and right you touch the left and right arrows above the d-pad. In the top left corner there’s your health, and a settings icon. The icon opens up a pause menu. In the top right corner there’s how long you’ve taken to escape, and what percent of the game you are done with. Finally, the last thing on the screen, the double arrow up, is a jump button(very useful). I say that when it comes out, you should get it. It will be 6.99, and will be well worth the money.


Pros and Cons



Has a real objective, unlike cube

The game takes up a good amount of time to win


In the main menu it’s very easy to touch new game instead of continue game, deleting all the progress I had =[


Overall it’s a 4 out of 5, a pretty good buy




Some screen shots:



~ by Zym on December 7, 2008.

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