iTracer, 4.99 –, is a great app for any man looking into creating 3D scenes. What you can do with this app alone is create scenes, or just fool around. Although it takes some getting used to the app is pretty cool. I love how you can create spheres, boxes, or two types of meshes. One type is revolution and the other is extrusion. In extrusion you kinda draw the shape and then you get a flat piece of what you drew. Of course you can then further edit the shape in the editing screen, but otherwise all you get is a flat thing. The other way you draw like a line and then you get that line drawn over and over again creating a circular object. So once you create a seen you want, you have to add light. This is one really great feature. I love how you can make an object transparent or reflective from the light. The ability for transparency is great for making a lamp, which was my first thing done. After you add lights you pick how you want to see the seen, and then you render it. This may take a while, so have a seat. But then it is really worth it. The controls at the bottom are pretty self-explanatory, in camera mode you just do things on what you see, you can rotate the view, move it, or scale it. While in object mode you can move the objects, scale them, or rotate them. It takes some getting used to, to edit the objects, but once you get used to it, it’s pretty snappy. You can edit an object, from it’s color, to size, to place on the screen, to transparency, etc. At the top, the + button adds an object, the render button renders the seen, the edit button (only available when you have selected an object),and in the options screen you can edit a wide range of options. Under file you can create a new file, load one, save one, or export it. To export it you need a .mac account. I have used it and it works. The only problem is I don’t know how to edit .3ds files =].



2 fingers=move the screen + scale the screen

3fingers=rotate the screen

Double tap=center

Double tap again=duplicate/delete


Pros and Cons


Great UI

Easy to use

Very powerful

Export 2 email



Takes a while to render


I give it a 3.5 out of 5 because if you made a seen like a living room, it would probably take like 30 minutes to render. Also, the app has crashed one or two times on me.






~ by Zym on December 12, 2008.

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