iDict Quick,, is a great translator. It allows you to translate phrases or words from one language to another. It takes a lil’ to search if you have a lot of dictionaries
youre searching from. Speaking of dictionaries, theyre all from stardict, and you can pick which ones you wanna search from. Some would be english slang or english to spanish. There are several types of these apps, from an english one to a french, to a deluxe one with all dictionaries. These apps take up a lot of room, so get make sure you have enough room. I personally love this app for the english to spanish ability.

Pros and Cons

Many languages
Not too expensive(5 bucks for deluxe, 3 bucks for the english, and
about a buck for the others)
Offline use

Not the greatest UI
Not the best icon(I made a new one that will be implemented the next
Slow sometimes(searching)
Doesnt have every word or every phrase
Overall a 4 out of 5, I use a combo of this and Linguo, and everything
gets translated
(Ill put em up when I get on my compu)

Made with MagicPad on my iPod-Free for a limited time šŸ™‚

Pasted from my iPhone!


~ by Zym on December 13, 2008.

One Response to “iDict”

  1. hey. whats the best english/spanish translators around that doesnt need an internet connection for the itouch, any ideas?


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