Fish Tycoon

Fish Tycoon is a fish tank simulation game. Currently it’s going for $1.99, and you can setup shop. The objective of the game is to breed fish, sell fish, and level up on research for different types of food, living habitat, and how to advertise when you come upon having to sell the fish.

You’re first started out with some “common fish eggs” which later hatch and soon enough, baby fish are swimming in your tank. Along with the eggs comes a growth hormone to make the fish grow faster, for a faster start at this fishy adventure.

The supply store has 22 items to purchase, and three research items. The trophy room has 7 trophies that can be earned as you breed your fish. A “screen saver” mode moves the menu bar out of the way for a nice tank only view of your fish. The time is always moving, even when not in game.

Pros and Cons


Simple game

Quite realistic

Graphics are good

Allows changing the speed of time


It’s $1.99

Time continues when not in game

A bit like watching paint dry.

Can’t make money fast enough.


Main Game
Supply Store
Fish Store



~ by lepigeonbleu on December 20, 2008.

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