Lux DLX-By Packersfan27

I just downloaded it and played for a bit and these are my first thoughts.

Note that I am a big fan of the desktop version of LUX DLX

Played the game for a few minutes-

It comes with 4 maps built in

-Classic (world)
-Roman Empire: The Punic Wars
-USA War zone
-Castle Lux

You can download more maps but I don’t have wifi where I am.

You can play with up to 6 players

There is
-Human player
-Easy AI
-Medium AI
-Hard AI
-Random AI

Options allow you to

-Turn sound effects on and off
-Change the AI speed
-Change how the map starts (how armies are placed and countries are chosen)
-The card sequene (how much cards are worth ie-4, then 6, then 8 etc)
-Continent Bonus (how much each continent gives goes up as the rounds progress)

This like Risk in most every way. Most things in the free version were kept in this version. (You hold down to move more armies etc.) There is also a save feature.You can also zoom in and out, which is nice.

There are some problems with this game though. It is laggy (even on my ipod touch 2G). It not unplayable but the sound is off with the screen and stuff like that. There doesn’t seem to be anyway to get back to the menu apart from leaving the app, coming back and choosing to set up a new game. I also had a problem with the accelorameter. I was playing a map in landscape mode and the information was being shown in normal (upright) mode.

Good game but until some issues are fixed I don’t think i can justify the full 8 dollars though.

Note this is by Packersfan27 on Mac Rumors Forums link



~ by Zym on December 21, 2008.

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