I’ve been playing Besiegement now for a few weeks. It is my absolute favorite game on my iPod Touch. Besiegement is a tower defense game developed by “Just Kissed Games”. One of the amazing things about Besiegement is the fact it was developed in Windows XP.

Here are the apps “stats”:

Tower Defense … In Your Hand
Full featured Tower Defense for the Apple iPhone

  • 30 levels, both storyline and challenges
  • 8 towers, each with 6 upgrade levels
  • 2 bonus abilities for tight situations
  • Two modes of play, path based and maze building
  • Achievement system with 18 goals to unlock
  • Full sound and music, with adjustable levels
  • Supports resuming play after exiting the application
  • Online high score tracking
  • 4 play speeds
  • 5 profiles to keep track of your individual progress

I must admit, I am very new to the tower defense genre of games. My first entry into this genre was the free “TapDefense” on the App Store. I really enjoyed it, but I got bored quick because there were only 3 maps. Then I found Besiegement.

Besiegement has plenty of maps and challenges to choose from. There are also a good variety of towers, each upgradeable 6 times. You can earn bonus abilities if you are desperate need of help (bomb and freeze). There are 4 different playing speeds-Slow, Normal, Fast Forward 2x and Fast Forward 3x. There is also a pause option. (Note you cannot add more towers while paused).

The first few maps and challenges aren’t too hard. But as the game progresses, it can get very challenging. One level (named “Heavy Metal” is particularly hard–to the point that the developer posted a video on YouTube showing how to beat it.

Besiegement is available for $4.00 in the App Store.


You can follow the developer and his work here at his blog. There he explains the process of developing an iPhone application in Windows.

I give this app a 5 out of 5 stars. I would deffinately reccommend this app if you are a fan tower defense games. And if you aren’t, I suggest you give this one a try.

iTunes Link [$4.00]



~ by josiahwood on December 22, 2008.

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