Iugo Mobile did it a third time bringing a rich game to the iphone. This episode the little bot is placed in a more space like environment. Actually, in the begininng you’re just floating around in space. With even more to grapple onto, Id say this was the best version yet.

•Pros-for the triology
A lot to do
Great graphics
Great storyline
It can seem like it isnt going anywhere sometimes, but just hang in there 🙂

Overall I say that these games would be great buys. Id say to get tjese games if youre planning on going on a road trip, or if youre planning on using youre touch/iphone more for games. These apps make the iphone more of a gaming platform because you have to actually take some time to play; I mean its not just like trism where you just play it at the bus stop or train station, you play it at home, or on break, etc.

The series is a 4 out of 5



~ by Zym on December 23, 2008.

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