“Free Memory” Review

Have you ever been frustrated because you want to play one of your iPhone games, but the app keeps crashing? Then you get even more frustrated when your realize you’ll have to restart the device in order to clear up memory? (A process which takes 2+ Free Memoryminutes!). Well, I have found a solution. I was browsing the app store yesterday, and I came across this little gem. Its called “Free Memory 1.2”, and it does just as the name implies. Whenever you find yourself in the situation described above, just open up “Free Memory”, and you will see a very simple screen (screen shot shown at the right). It will show you how much memory is left. If the amount left is above 20MB, it won’t let you free it up. But if its below that, it will clear it out in a few seconds.

The App’s Description:

Ever wondered why some of your iPhone or iPod Touch applications suddenly quit?

Wondered why sometimes Safari quits while you are browsing a web site?

Could it be that your iPhone or iPod Touch is running low on runtime memory?

Now, you can free up 20 MB of memory to make it available for applications.

The iPhone comes with 128MB of runtime memory. Native iPhone applications such as the iPhone dialer and iPod can remain running even though you have closed them.

This leaves any remaining memory available to non-native iPhone applications. This remaining memory can change and can affect the performance of non-native iPhone applications, sometimes even causing the applications to close unexpectedly.

Use Free Memory to free up 20 MB of runtime memory!

After using it for a day or so, I can say that it works very well. If I plan to play a memory heavy game such as X-Plane, I just open Free Memory first and clear up the memory. That way I know that X-Plane won’t have any issues with crashing (the same goes for any other “big” game; such as SimCity).

One thing the developer notes in the description of Free Memory is this:

For users of iPhone/iPod Touch 2.2 software that have less than 4 MB available, freeing memory may take about 1-2 minutes, or it may cause a soft reset.

I think this is a very usefull app, and one that many people will appreciate. I give it 5 stars out of 5.

Free Memory is available for $0.99 in the App Store. [iTunes Link]



~ by josiahwood on January 3, 2009.

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