Hey, I started this blog in September of 2008. I wanted to create a blog that tells  people what’s hot, and what’s not. So, I did so creating a review site of apps. I review mostly games, but some utilities.

I got my touch on the 29th of March, 2008. It was a glorious day, as you can imagine, hopefully when my contract ends, june or july next year, I’ll get an iPhone. Currently I have a palm Treo 650. Yes it’s old, but it works.

Also, sometimes I play around with programming on calculators, I made a codebreaker game, email me if you want it. (TI-84 Plus)

One day I want to be able to program for the iPhone, but I’m just not there yet, any tips??, comment.

Josiah (macbookairman)

Hey everyone! My name is Josiah and I live in Nebraska. I’m a student who is planning to purse a career either in Aviation, Cinema Editing, or Web Design.

My apple products include a MacBook (black), an iPod Video 30GB, and an iPod Touch 2nd Generation 32GB.


       My name is mark, and I’m currently in school for photography, and am an aspiring photo-journalist like the great Hunter S. Thompson. So, if I write a bit differently than usual reviews, you’ll soon get used to it.  My equipment that I’m working on are an iMac, MacBook, and iPhone 3G. I am an apple fan, but I would hate to classify myself as an apple-fanboy. Oh, and if a picture is posted that isn’t a screenshot, it was taken with a Canon Rebel XT.



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