Touchgrind Video Review

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Mouse About Video Review

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Monopoly Here & Now: The World Edition

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Monopoly Here & Now: The World Edition by EA is a great game, after you can get past the bugs, and somewhat predictable AI, and the somewhat steep price ($7.99 at time of review).

Everyone knows what Monopoly is, and how to play it, so I’m not going to waste any time there. The Here & Now edition changes the nice, familiar Boardwalk and Park Place into Montreal and Riga. They even change the simple pieces into baseball gloves and windmills. Hey, if you got a thing for windmills, this might just be your game, as the windmill actually flies up to the next property on it’s turn.

When I purchased this game, I had a bit of trouble getting past the loading screen. I restarted my iPhone 3G several times, and still Monopoly crashed each and every time. After much frustration, I swallowed my pride and asked on a forum, how the hell do I get it to load, after thinking I just ate my 8 bucks. It turns out, I had to go to the settings of my iPhone, and make sure my language was set properly. Very strange, and unexplainable bug.

Gameplay with an AI is good, as three different levels of difficulty are at your fingertips. The first level AI is a bit predictable, allowing me to trade some crap to it, and allow me to get a monopoly.

I’d say that overall, it really does deserve the 300+ reviews on iTunes with an average rating of 3 1/2 stars.


Pros and Cons

Great overall gameplay
Nice graphics
Wifi gameplay
Gives stats for a specific property

Very buggy if some settings aren’t exact.
Predictable AI
Slightly steep pricetag.




Property Stats


Low Grav Racer Video Review

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I was supposed to post this along with 4 other videos 2 days ago, the day after Christmas but because of some technical difficulties I couldn’t.


Zoneout Video Review

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[Update] I added a shorter youtube video. It takes like a day ior so to be able to be played on your iphone, so be patient.

Zoneout Video on Vimeo

It’s too long to be on youtube, I will put up a shorter version on youtube soon.

I was suppose to post this and a couple of other videos yesterday, but they took too long to upload. Look for a couple more to come.



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Jump by Smaga Bakery is a unique game with unique gameplay. In the game you are dribbling a basketball, but instead of dribbling your just guiding where the ball bounces with the accelerometer. Evertime you bounce on a normal block you get one point, but then theres 20 point blocks or ten point blocks etc. Smaga Bakery promises to bring an update with highscores, easier levels and more types of blocks to bounce on. I guess its a pretty decent game. Its just for if you want to waste a little time. It has great graphics and is pretty well developed.


Great Graphics
Doesn’t crash
Decent game overall

Not really an objective
No highscores, they should add global and local

Overall a 3 out of 5





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Iugo Mobile did it a third time bringing a rich game to the iphone. This episode the little bot is placed in a more space like environment. Actually, in the begininng you’re just floating around in space. With even more to grapple onto, Id say this was the best version yet.

•Pros-for the triology
A lot to do
Great graphics
Great storyline
It can seem like it isnt going anywhere sometimes, but just hang in there 🙂

Overall I say that these games would be great buys. Id say to get tjese games if youre planning on going on a road trip, or if youre planning on using youre touch/iphone more for games. These apps make the iphone more of a gaming platform because you have to actually take some time to play; I mean its not just like trism where you just play it at the bus stop or train station, you play it at home, or on break, etc.

The series is a 4 out of 5