X-Plane Airliner

Hello everyone. Here is my tutorial for X-Plane Airliner.

First, open X-Plane Airliner (duh!).

Once you get to the loading screen, its time to choose your situation. Tap the screen in the center to invoke the menus. You should see some icons appear towards the top. You want the icon with the gears on it.



Once you are in the settings, its time to choose your plane, weather, time of day, and the airport you want to go to.

In this tutorial I will use the Boeing 787, and I will go to the airport called KPOC (110.50).



We are headed to the airport at the top left.

We are headed to the airport at the top left.

Now once you know what airport you are headed to, look to see what its NAVAID info is. [Skip this if you just want to fly around for fun] The NAVAID is the set of number. In this case, since we are headed to KPOC, its NAVAID is 110.50. Remember that….

Now that you have memorized that number (if you forgot, its 110.50), go to Sky, Wind, and Weight to adjust the settings to how you want them. A lighter weight will make for shorter takeoff times, but can be harder to control in windy situations. Once you have chosen all of that fun stuff, hit “Done” in the top left.

Now, do you recall the number you memorized? Its 110.50. Back on the flight screen, invoke the menus again by tapping in the middle. Choose the button that appears on the second line all by itself (it has a little screen on it). When you select that, you are greeted with a cool glass cockpit. Slide your finger down to the bottom of that page. You will see to displays that show numbers in red that are similar to the numbers on the map screen. Make sure the dial in between those screen is on “Source-NAV 1”. Now, on the screen on the left, tap the buttons below the number till it is showing the NAVAID of the Airport you chose. Once it is, hit the first icon at the top to go back to the main flying screen (HUD).

Glass Cockpit

Glass Cockpit

[Start here if you skipped the above part]

Now you can start your flight. I usually recommend setting your flaps down just a little bit (15% or so) for takeoff. This will actually create more lift, instead of drag (which is what the flaps will do if they are down all the way). Keep the Speedbrake all the way up. (If you aren’t following what I’m saying, the picture below shows it). I usually don’t mess with the trim, so we wont’t cover that.



Once all that is set, take off the brakes and slide the throttle up all the way. Once you reach just above 100mph, go ahead and start tilting back the iPod Touch/iPhone slowly. You will start to take off into the air. Now hit the gear button, and slowly climb for a bit. After a while, put the flaps all the way up.

If you followed the steps earlier and put that number in that screen on the Glass Cockpit view, then you can go back into the glass cockpit, and that compass will point to that airport. Just follow that home!

As far as landing, that will come with practice. Just make sure you start pulling back the throttle and lowering the flaps a ways before reaching the airport. You don’t want to come in to high, or you’ll miss the runway. Once your sure you are lined up, pull the throttle all the way down, hit the Gear and Brakes button, and pull the flaps down as well. Then, as you’re about to hit the runway, pull the speedbrakes all the way down.

And thats it! If you have any questions, post them in the comments.


5 Responses to “X-Plane Airliner”

  1. if NAV 1 is set to destination, what is the function of NAV 2?

    btw, in my map, it doesn’t appear information number like that (110.50, 110.40, etc), there is only font+number combination (the white block in your map’s snap shot doesn’t exist on my map). how to make it appear?

  2. I usually just ignore nav 2. I guess you could use it for another airport if you want to fly from a to b to c, if that makes sense.

    The white blocks on the map should appear if you zoom (pinch) in really far.

  3. hoha, the box is appear, nice… thx a lot ^_^

    another question, in cockpit mode (view angle like your “take off” picture), what is the SYMBOL of direction to flight? Should I look back in to radar/map to as many times, to make sure that the direction is right?

    thx again, btw the zymblog.appstorebeta’s site has 403 forbiden to me

  4. Thanks for the headsup on the 403 error.

    Also, not quite sure I understand what you’re saying, but the compass at the bottom should point to the nearest airport…I’m not 100% sure on that though.

  5. I don’t know whether it’s just me or if perhaps everyone else encountering problems with your blog. It appears as if some of the written text within your content are running off the screen. Can somebody else please provide feedback and let me know if this is happening to them too? This might be a problem with my web browser because I’ve had this happen previously. Thank you|

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